The certain thing about uncertainty is how it can affect the economy. Any business, from the mom and pop donut shop paying the rent each month to the mega-corporation concerned about the next quarterly announcement, needs to have a handlemortgage rates to remain low on what the future will bring.

Business decisions are based upon direction and certainty; without it, firms are reluctant to make changes, hire more people and spend more money on advertising. Which is why the Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare, may actually contribute to a softer interest rate environment well into the fourth quarter of next year, keeping mortgage rates lower for real estate investors.

If you haven’t heard that private insurance plans are being cancelled all across the country, well, perhaps you’ve been on another planet. And if you have, then allow us to catch you up a bit. One of the primary mantras of Obamacare is/was “If you like your plan you can keep it.” Well, it turns out that’s not the case as individuals who get their health insurance directly from the insurance company and not the employer are receiving notices that beginning next year, their existing coverage will no longer, well…exist.

Now hold that thought. Employers on the other hand were issued a waiver earlier this year that allowed them more time to adjust to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and change their plans to meet the new standards. If they can’t, then they will have to cancel their current employee plans or alter them in some manner to make them conform to Obamacare just as private individuals are seeing now.

Or will they? As of today, there is talk of making changes to Obamacare that will allow individuals to in fact keep their plans if they like them. Or at least for a year. And then it starts all over again and this time around it could be tens of millions of folks who receive their own notice.

There is no real guidance. Employers have no real way to account for these major changes unless there are some allowances made that will halt massive cancellations. But until clarity arrives, you can bet the economy won’t see the sort of gains it potentially has in store. Businesses, of all sizes, just need to know.