Keeping monthly expenses low helps keep your cash flow high. Landlords can choose to have tenants pay for their own utilities which certainly helps keep expenses down but sometimes the rental market has more “all utilities paid” properties. If you pay the utilities there are free or nearly free serviceskeep utility bills low you can take advantage of to make sure your utilities are running as efficiently as can be.

 In some parts of the country, an energy audit is required on all existing homes sold. The cost is borne by the seller and is an addendum to a Seller’s Property Disclosure. An energy audit is a thorough inspection looking for leaks, insulation and heating and cooling systems and provides recommendations when problems are found. If you don’t have an energy audit one will cost around $300 to $500 depending upon the size of the property although in some areas energy audits are a free service to utility customers.

Local utility companies also offer free or at least heavily discounted inspection services that concentrate on the heating and cooling systems. Many such utilities will offer brand new thermostats that help regulate heating and cooling while you’re away. Most utility companies offer rebates or special financing for new, energy efficient HVAC systems.

It makes sense for utility companies to help customers keep their heating and cooling bills low and to avoid high peak usage. You can log onto any utility company’s website to look for free services and guides on how to conserve water, gas and electricity. To get your monthly utility bills as low as possible, you need to find out what needs fixing and available upgrades from local city and utility companies.