Successful real estate investing means creating a network of individuals who will profit as a result of your investments. Yes, your family, friends and neighbors should always be on the lookout for you but their motivation is a bit less compared to someone who pays the bills because of propertiesbuild a network you buy.

Building a network takes time but with a bit of persistence, there are those out there that you may not have thought of that can fill your pipeline with leads.

The first and foremost source of referrals really isn’t all much of a secret and it has to do with real estate agents but what many investors don’t do is network with as many real estate agent as possible. You may have one or two primary agents you use in your practice to help market your homes and negotiate contracts but most real estate agents are buyer’s agents and their job is to find property to buy on behalf of their clients. Get to know as many buyers agents as you can.

Title insurance companies have representatives that make sales calls on real estate lenders and attorneys every day. When an agent obtains a listing, one of the first calls when a contract is negotiated is where the closing will take place and who will provide and pay for the title insurance. Title agents, like bank loan officers, cultivate the real estate agent market that can bring properties to you, sometimes even before the listing becomes active.

The same can be said about insurance agents, property inspectors and contractors as well as anyone who makes money when real estate changes hands. When someone brings you a lead, get them in the pipeline to profit from your investment. The agent gets the commission, the attorney gets the closing, the title agent gets a new policy, the loan officer closes another loan…you get the picture. Get to know those who make money when homes are sold. Money is a great motivator.