There’s been a bit more economic news these past few days that indicate the Fed was right about its “taper” announcement. Beyond the relatively positive payroll numbers released earlier this month which surely impacted the FOMC decision to begin a slight pullback in the $85 billion per month QEIIIrates to remain low program, other reports indicate a brighter future is in store.

In addition to the announcement of a reduction of $10B in monthly purchases, the Fed committee also indicated the so-called 6.5 percent unemployment rate threshold has some flexibility and could mean that the Fed will wait until the rate moves even lower before any other significant moves take place, including an increase an in the Fed Funds and Discount rates.

On Tuesday, the government reported that the orders for durable goods in November jumped 3.5 percent including a survey of anticipated business spending on capital goods recorded its biggest jump in almost a year. The pundits incorrectly predicted a 2.00 percent increase.

And just today, the Labor Department reported that the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits for the first time fell to its lowest level in almost a month to 338,000. This weekly report can be a rather volatile one so it’s more important to look at the average over time but it’s still down 42,000 compared to the previous week.

These are two more indicators that the economy is on the mend but the mending is certainly not of the barn-burning variety. And with regard to mortgage rates for real estate investors, that’s actually good news. An overheated economy could nudge the Fed to increase rates more quickly to stave off any chance of inflation down the road. A slower, gradual recovery gives the Fed some leeway regarding any stimulus now or in the near future. Such an economy may not make consumers rush out and initiate a buying binge but it does allow real estate investors to plan their purchases with a bit more certainty regarding housing affordability as they place their real estate assets on the block.