Sometimes real estate investors just want to try out something a little different. Stray off the proven path and do a little test marketing. Many times real estate investors find they’re own personal “sweet spot” and have an affinity for a particular property type in a certain area.

And that’s a model everyone find out what tenants really wantcan follow, the advantages of being an expert in a specific area reduces mistakes, turns properties quicker and increases cash flow. But once that model is nailed down an investor can’t be blamed for wanting to build something just a little different for that next rental.

How can you build outside the box and not worry whether or not you made the right decision? That’s a tough decision. Once you decide to include a certain upgrade or feature and you start the project it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion you can’t turn back. You can do your own research online however and find out what new tenants want and what upgrades are worth the money. With a rental property, you want to increase your monthly cash flow and if you build a brand new rental surrounded by existing properties not only will you have a brand new property but you can install the latest and greatest upgrades that will command higher rents.

You can help the effort by hopping in your car and visiting a brand new apartment complex. Developers have done their own homework and know what tenants want and what’s out of style. No, you can’t have your own workout facility with a swimming pool but you can take a look at the apartments inside and see how they’re finished out. Stainless appliances all around? Double vanity? Shag carpeting? The home work has already been completed you just have to take out your cheat sheet and see what the latest trends are face to face.