Being an active landlord means always being ready to respond to tenant issues. If you own multiple properties, you most likely enlist the services of a professional property management company. If you have one or two units you or someone you know might wear the property manager hat.

For an problem tenantseasier, pain free rental process properly screening tenants can’t be emphasized enough. From properly verifying employment, income and credit as well as checking on with previous landlords, getting the rent paid on time every month keeps the cash flow coming.

The lease agreement should clearly spell out the responsibilities of both you and your tenants as well as prohibit your tenants from doing certain things. Some of these things might mean common sense but they do ask they be clearly spelled out in the agreement. What are some of the prohibited activities?

Smoking isn’t a good idea. It’s impossible to get smoke out of carpets, drapes and furnishings and it’s easy to advertise a “no smoking” rental. Even for guests of tenants. If they need to smoke, go outside. If you visit the property and clearly smell cigarette smoke, it’s time to issue a warning. Illegal drugs use should also be prohibited. You don’t want your unit visited by the cops late at night for a drug bust.

Are your tenants running a business out of your rental property? Most communities ban certain types of businesses from being run from a home. Consulting, contracting or content writing makes sense but automobile and engine repair do not.

Whatever your tenants do they’re doing it in your property. If they’re doing something illegal or otherwise trashing your unit, the damage can be long lasting. In your lease agreements, clearly spell out prohibited activity and the consequences.