Some prefer to manage their own rental properties instead of hiring out the task. Doing so can save some money each month although there is some additional time involved. Some owners simply want to take care of their very own assets and not have their operations handled by a stranger.

Most ownerskeeping tenants happywho do-it-yourself in this regard are also rather handy around the house as well being able to make repairs from a leaky faucet to replacing the thermocouple in the hot water heater. But there are times when the phone call from the tenant comes and you’d really rather be doing something else.

Yet that’s the path you’ve chosen and you know how to handle tenant calls as they come in. Having a smooth relationship with your tenants means having a property that’s just passed a property inspection with flying colors yet also means responding appropriately when you get that call. It took no shortage of due diligence on your part finding an excellent tenant, now it’s also your job to keep them.

When you get a service call from your tenant, respond as quickly as possible. You’ll want to spell out how such calls are handled for minor issues or those that require an emergency response such as flooding or a broken sewer pipe in your original lease agreement.

If there are times, and there will be, when you can’t get to the property and need to, your tenants need to have a contractor approved by you to make minor repairs and have the amounts deducted from their next month’s rent or the contractor can bill you directly, which is the preferred method.

Simply being available and having your tenants know in advance what to expect when the unexpected happens lets them know you care about their well-being and to remember that the next time the lease is up for renewal. Keeping happy tenants keeps you happy as well.