Have you decided that it’s time to paint one of your properties again? Or maybe you’ve currently evaluating a potential purchase and it definitely needs a new coat of paint so you factor that into your cost.

But there’s another alternative out there besides paint and even siding that can keep your propertyalternative to paint looking newer, longer and without the need to ever paint again. Before this article sounds too much like a commercial, the other option is a synthetic coating—not paint.

There are several different types of coating that fits into this category but overall the coating is lasts longer, is brighter, doesn’t fade and helps keep the home cooler in the summer months while still being able to “breathe.” The coating actually reflects infrared and ultraviolet rays, forming a radiant barrier to the covered surfaces.

The process entails a thorough power washing and caulking then applying the coating in a similar fashion as paint. Once completed, you may never need to paint the home again as the coatings typically carry a lifetime guarantee and is about the same cost of painting your home twice and less expensive than installing siding. The colors appear more vibrant both right after application and over the years compared to paint that will fade and soon peel.

If you’ve never considered a coating and just thought about a new coat of paint or two, if you expect to hold onto the property for the long term you’ll never need to paint again and your investment looks better, longer. Beyond the aesthetics there can be significant energy savings due to the inherent radiant barrier. Again, it costs a little more than paint the first time around but for the long haul you really can’t get a nice appearing home that will actually save you money than applying one of these new coating formulas.