Owning multiple properties means adding money to your bank account each month while watching your equity grow. It’s a great feeling, really, knowing that your financial future is secured with an investment that you can see, feel and drive by whenever you want.

But owning real estate also meanswatch these issues taking care of it and the following issues that can arise will make you want to rethink your emergency fund. And perhaps even avoid a potential investment should these problems appear during an inspection.

Plumbing.  Beyond repairing a leaky faucet, faulty plumbing can lead to still more major problems, especially leaks that you can’t see. Depending upon the type of foundation, some pipes are buried beneath the foundation and if a leak is detected, it can be expensive to identify the location of the leak in addition to making the needed repairs. If a leak is suspected but can’t be readily found, have a pressure test performed to shine the light on any water issues.

Foundation.  Both a slab and pier-and-beam foundation can have settling problems, especially those with a few years under their belts. Older homes will settle, especially so if the soil is conducive to settling. If you notice cracks alongside door jambs, cracks in sheetrock or exterior foundation cracks, foundation repair will set you back a few thousand dollars.

Bedbugs.  No kidding. When renters move in and move out of your unit, they can bring with them the tiny little critters that seem to have invaded all sorts of spaces. Even the ritziest of hotels have found that getting rid of bedbugs is a costly endeavor and one that’s sometimes hard to discover at first glance. And once in, it’s hard to get them out.

Sewer.  Besides the occasional blocked sewer line or backed up kitchen sink, the sewer line running from the structure to the street is still your responsibility. Older homes are more susceptible to movement and invasion of the sewer line by tree roots which can clog lines, leak and create unwanted odors. Replacing the line from your home to the street is rather costly if installing a new lining doesn’t work out.