Whether you’re getting ready to sell one of your rentals, spruce it up when finding a new tenant or just want to freshen up the place, the sky’s the limit. Or at least whatever you have set aside for property improvements and maintenance. The type of improvements will depend upon the type of property.

spruce up your property

You don’t want to install high end appliances costing thousands of dollars in one of your $100,000 duplex properties, right? But to boost the appearance of your property on the cheap with exceptional results, here are a few things you can do right away that will please you, your tenants and your buyers.

Major Clearance.  One way to brighten up an area is to clear it out. Are there any false walls that can be removed and is the kitchen island really just in the way? Open up the areas and give it some room. Not only will the area feel bigger but potential buyers and tenants can imagine how they might redecorate the space.

Brighten It.  One way that professional real estate agents say is a sure-fire way to get attention is to turn on all the lights. And don’t just turn on the lights but replace existing bulbs with higher wattage ones. If you’re saving money on 60 watt bulbs, install 100 or 120 watt bulbs and you’ll see your property sparkle.

Scrub It.  Now that you have your brightness factor notched up a bit, you’ll notice more than just the brightness. You’ll also notice dirt, stains and smudge that had been previously hidden. Have the carpets professionally cleaned, clean out the window sills and sparkle up those window panes.

The Invitation.  Yet before any of your visitors set foot inside your palace, make sure the outside has the welcome mat out. Power wash the outside, touch up the trim, trim the lawn and get rid of any dead limbs from trees and shrubs.