What’s on the mind of today’s renters? What are the things that most attract renters and what can you do to meet those expectations? As a landlord you might be able to meet many of the requirements but you’ll be on the losing end of a required amenity is an indoor pool and a workout facility. But suchapartments or homes which is better choices mean the renter has already made an important decision—whether to rent a house or an apartment.

Houses won’t have an Olympic sized pool. Well, some do but you won’t find very many rental houses with one. And the closest thing you might have to a workout facility is maybe a workout bench in the garage. Renters who seek such amenities are comparing other apartment buildings and not single family homes.

Apartments compete with one another with regard to amenities as well as price. An apartment building may not have an Olympic sized pool but they might have a smaller one and charge $200 less per month in rent. Apartments have a community and there are lounge areas and monthly mixers to get the tenants to know one another. Yet due to that fact they can also be a bit noisy. You lose privacy in an apartment and no matter how much insulation there is between two units sometimes you can’t ignore the neighbors.

Those who want to live in a house want their privacy. They want to have a backyard and their very own “space” to plant flowers, mow the lawn and have outdoor space. Single family rentals are more expensive in regard to rent plus there are higher utilities in a home compared to a typical apartment. Apartments are usually located closer to urban areas with shopping and entertainment nearby whereas homes are away from the hustle and bustle and provide a retreat. Those renters who are considering an apartment vs. a house will ultimately move to a home. If not now, they will later when they decide there are simply too many people around.