Every relationship starts out pretty much the same way. At first, there’s a general agreement or notion and both parties respect each other’s opinions and methods but until a few deals have successfully closed, it will take a while for the solid foundation of trust to be formed.

Sure, we don’t start abuilding a relationship relationship, business or otherwise, thinking the other party is getting ready to take advantage of us, if that were the case it’s likely no project would ever get off the ground. It’s respectable yet still tentative.

Think about every single long lasting relationship you currently have be it in your personal life or in your business. Perhaps you were introduced to someone else who had something that you might be interested in. In the instance of a couple going out on a date for the first time, in order for there to be a second, certain things need to go just right. Certain milestones so to speak must be met. In a business transaction and you’re participating for the first time with another  party, you perform more than just a  little due diligence before moving to much further.

You do a background check, hit up the Better Business Bureau and ask friends or colleagues about the individual’s reputation. Once convinced you decide to take the next step and move forward. As the project progresses, you’re deeply involved with the project and very hands-on. Now say that project was a success. You and your newfound partner both got what they wanted out of the relationship and pocketed the proceeds. You did what was expected of you and the other party did the same.

The next time that same individual approaches you, there’s already an established level of trust. You review the next project, run the numbers and make the investment yet still keep a sharp eye on the deal as it moves to close. That, too is a success. The next several projects become nearly routine and as the relationship matures the foundation of trust becomes more solid with each transaction.

When you find a relationship that reaches such a level, you’ve found what so many other individuals are still seeking. A business relationship that is founded on trust and proven in the real world. Those don’t come along all that often.