Real estate investors who have been involved buying, selling and holding real estate for any length of time will typically attest that ultimately an affinity for a particular property group or investment strategy evolves. That’s completely investing in real estateunderstandable because real estate investing, while profitable, also contains an element of risk in each transaction. Investors minimize that risk by sticking to a formula and perfecting it as time progresses.

Essentially by doing the same thing over and over it almost becomes rote. At some point however, does doing the same thing time after time, year after year ultimately get, well, just a little boring?

That’s certainly possible. Say an investor devised a system years ago that brought foreclosed property lists to his desk each month and concentrated on down town condos. Condos, especially ones in the same project, pretty much look the same, have the same features and the price points are typically well known. The investor repeats his success over and over again and you might wonder if it’s starting too old.

But while the same routine is followed, being boring really isn’t all that bad. It means that things are going right. There’s nothing that will raise an investor’s blood pressure more finding out that the rehabilitation costs were off by about $20,000. That will bring some excitement to the table, don’t you think. Not the kind of excitement such as a winning lottery ticket but at minimum a change in scenery. No, surprises are avoided and purposefully so.

And that’s a good thing. A very good thing. But even though the same drill is repeated for profit each time, there are no two projects that are exactly alike. Even condos on the same floor with the same two-bedroom floor plan. There’s always something different along the way to address, fix or otherwise pay attention to. But that’s about as much excitement that the successful real estate investor wants. The other kind is bad news.