Success in any endeavor is the result of hard work and adherence to a business plan. If anyone wants to get anywhere in life they need to know where they are at this very moment, where they’re going and how to get there.

No one simply hangs upset your real estate goals a shingle and waits for the dollars to roll in. At least not the successful real estate investor. If you want success, you need to define what success actually means. You need goals.

Say for example you decide that you want to make $100,000 in the next two years investing in real estate. How do you get there? You can have all the positive mental imaging in the world but without action that means nothing. Sit down with a pen and paper and start doing some math. Do you want to make $30,000 this year and with momentum make $70,000 the next in order to reach your $100,000 goal? What will you need to do?

One way to make $30,000 this year is to flip two properties and average $15,000 each. Now, go find the properties. Does that sound too easy? Sure, but it’s a fact. If that’s your goal, you have to both write out a plan and execute it. Goals without planning and action will never be reached.

Once you’ve spelled out how you’re going to reach your goal, track your progress regularly. Before the week begins, write down what you’re going to accomplish this week and as you complete each task, draw a line through it. Prioritize your tasks and complete the most important ones first.  Be prepared for surprises that will throw you off track. That’s to be expected so adjust your plans and goals as needed. But setting a goal and writing down a plan can’t be stressed enough. Success doesn’t come to those who meander about.