You will not "Outlive Your Money" with Small Apartment Buildings as Your Retirement Financial Plan: -  In financial planning for retirement, the most important financial consideration is that "you do not want to outlive your money."  

To prevent this from happening, there are two basic elements for the retirement financial plan.  The first is that you must have enough assets to provide for your retirement needs.  

The next is that your retirement assets must increase in value each year so that inflation does not erode your account.  A portfolio of small apartment buildings should prevent either event from detracting from the quality of your retirement lifestyle.  Small apartment buildings can be an outstanding investment, particularly turnkey rental properties.  Those are units that experienced professionals have found, fixed up, rented out to suitable tenants, and then manage for the owners.  That not only provides for an enjoyable retirement income, it also allows for the owner to profit from the experience of the sellers of the turnkey rental properties.

What makes small apartment buildings so ideal for retirement income is the history of rents rising in the United States.  During The Great Recession, when stocks and bonds plunged in value, the level of rental income increased in the United States.  Historically, rents increase about 5% each year in the United States.

That means that rental income from a property doubles in less than 15 years.  If a property is going for $1000 a month in the first year of retirement, that means by year 15 it is renting for more than $2000.  When year 30 is hit, the rent from the unit is almost $50,000 a year.  With a fixed rate mortgage, the monthly payment never increased.  If it was a 15-year note, it was paid off just as the rental income doubled.  That easily keeps up with the rate of inflation.

If the small apartment building is part of a retirement account such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), then the income is tax free.  That greatly increases the disposable income available for retirement.  There are many other advantages to holding small apartment buildings and other real estate in a retirement account.

There are also many ways to buy a small apartment building.  If it has four units or less, it can be purchased as a primary residence.  That allows for a smaller down payment and a lower interest rate.  Buying a small apartment building, moving into it, then buying others and moving into the new properties over the years allows for a lower cost way to assemble a portfolio to provide rental income for retirement years.  The size of the holdings will only increase if this strategy continues into the retirement years.  If turnkey real estate small apartment buildings are the properties being purchased, there is little effort required.

From that, more and more small apartment buildings will continually be acquired throughout retirement.  All of these new small apartment buildings will increase the monthly rental income.  That should rise by 5% a year, based on historic patterns.  Turnkey small apartment buildings allow for this to take place with little effort expended as part of long term investing.  A portfolio of small apartment buildings that continue to increase in number and the amount of monthly rent will make it impossible to "outlive your money."