According to an article in The Washington Times, almost half of women fear becoming homeless, or a "bag lady."  The title of the article says it all, "Nearly half of women fear life as a bag lady."  The piece reports that, "A 'startling' 90 percent of women said they feel financially insecure, according to a survey of 1,925 people" by Alliantz, a major insurance company.

 There is an answer to this: as a passive investor, purchase one small apartment building a year.rental income from apartment bulding

This is not difficult.  If the apartment building has four units or less, it can be purchased as a primary residence.  That means there will be a low down payment and a very favorable mortgage rate.  From that, it is easy to acquire the first small apartment building.  What makes this even better financially is that you are the one collecting rent, not paying it to your landlord!

After that, it becomes easier.

As a passive investor with a long term approach, the cash flow could easily provide the needed down payment for the next small apartment buildings to be purchased.  If willing to move, then the next one, and the ones after that each year can be bought as primary residences.

As a passive investor with a long term approach it gets better and better over time.

If the first small apartment building was bought with a 15-year mortgage, making two payments a month will pay it off in about ten years.  After that, all of the income from the building can be used to purchase other small apartment buildings as there will be no mortgage.

If one small apartment had been acquired each year, that means at year 10 three would be ten owned.  One would be paid off, generating tremendous cash flow.  The others would be very close to be free of a mortgage, too.  The superior cash flow from these units will allow for future purchases of more small apartment buildings.

The traditional rise in rents in America make this even more compelling.  Each year, rents in the United States increase by about 5%.  That means the rental income doubles in less than 15 years.  So if the first small apartment building is a four-unit with each going for $1000 a month, by year 15 the mortgage will be paid off and the annual rent will be about $100,000.

Over the last two hundred years, real estate investing has produced about 90% of the world's millionaires, both male and female.  Utilizing a passive, long term investing approach to purchase one small apartment building a year will do much to make the owners of those properties financially secure.