It’s heading into the final quarter of this year. The last three months of what has been a very profitable 2013 so far. Interest rates hit record lows in January of this year and are still near historic lows. Real estate values have begun to recover lost investing in real estateequity and the serious real estate investor is finding fewer competitors in the field. So is it time to kick back and count our blessings?

It’s always a good time to be thankful for the things we have, but too many real estate investors think that since we’re getting towards the end of the year and the bulk of real estate sales is in the rear view mirror, it’s time to check out what’s on TV and recognize that we’re approaching the slow season of real estate. Late fall and winter.

But that’s a mistake. Especially if you’re always on the lookout for a serious deal. Yes, property owners who list homes when it’s -10 below zero outside might seem crazy but it’s crazy good for a n investor. Think about it. Who would seriously list their real estate when there’s a foot of snow on the ground?

A distressed property owner, that’s who. Property owners also know that homes sell at a quicker pace than in the springtime so why don’t they just wait until spring hits and the ground begins to thaw? Because they need to. Especially so if a trip to the county recorder’s office shows a newly listed lis pendens or foreclosure filing.

Now the other side of the coin. What buyers in their right mind would spend their weekend and evening hours putting on their snow boots and winter coats to go look at real estate? Someone that is really, really serious about buying, that’s who. Sure, they can wait until the sun comes out but if you’ve got someone knocking at your door wanting to look at your property, you can bet there’s a motivation behind it. They’re serious and ready, willing and able to buy.