Knowing how search engines and online advertising go hand-in-hand, have you researched the topic “real estate investing information” lately? Yes? Then you’re starting to see the ads, aren’t you? Those ads touting the next real estate investment seminar coming soon in “your area!”?  How convenient, real estate seminarsright?

You do a little research on the topic and professional real estate investors are coming to a theatre near you in the very near future. But you know how that works. Your search strings are cached and stored and advertisers pay money to reach out to potential investors. That’s advertising in today’s world. In fact, you won’t see just one pitch, you’ll see several. If you don’t believe this works, do a random search for something like a new washer and dryer set. In a couple of days, there will be washer and dryer ads appearing on websites you visit.

So what’s the pitch with these real estate seminar folks? For starters, you’ll learn the secrets of a professional real estate investor who made millions, rising up from the ashes of a previously forlorn life. Poor then, rich now and the investor is going to share his methods with you but space is limited so you need to sing up now.

And if you’re one of the first 500 to sign up, you’ll receive, absolutely free, a copy of his latest book, “How to Make Millions in Real Estate” and get a copy of a free DVD entitled “Buying and Selling with No Money Down.”

But don’t wait, space is limited and these events sell out quickly so call or email right now and learn how you too can quit your job and secure your future by Investing in real estate. Remember, you’ll learn secrets not found anywhere else in this popular tour. Become wealthy today!

Did that about cover it?