Real estate investors of all stripes soon find they’re always on the lookout for a new deal. Keeping an eye out at all times at some point becomes so ingrained the individual may not even be aware of what they’re doing. It becomes instinct. Is that investing in real estateyou? Is your subconscious scouting property for you while you and your buddy are driving to a café for a quick bite to eat?

 Whether you want to be or not, you will soon realize that you are in fact searching for your next deal constantly. This will occur naturally and you want to get yourself in that mode sooner rather than later if you’re still forcing yourself to prospect. You certainly want to set some time each day for research but you also want to get to the point where your brain is actively cataloging properties as you pass by them.

Call it real estate investment “muscle memory.” Muscle memory is a term used by athletes who train, day after day, to master a particular technique. A baseball player for instance will take batting practice in a batting cage and concentrate on keeping the head down, planting the back foot and turning the hips out. Over and over and over again. Swimmers take laps and practice their breathing technique to perfection. At some point, the brain and the muscles take over and proper technique is now a matter of habit.

Real estate muscle memory means practicing, over and over again, looking at real estate for a quick evaluation. On your way to the mall, keep your eyes out for “For Sale” signs. Constantly ask your friends and neighbors if they know of anyone who needs to sell their home.

Don’t just prospect at a particular time you’ve penciled in…always keep the possibility of a new real estate investment at the forefront. Soon, you’ll be doing it on autopilot.