Real estate investing success doesn’t happen by accident. Yes, occasionally a deal will seem to literally fall into your world out of nowhere but that’s the odd exception and certainly not the norm. Investing in real estate means following a specific plan and surrounding yourself with licensed professionals who will both guide you and profit from your projects.

There’s no need to be a general contractor to be a successful investor when you can find one who will work with you. The same is said using a real estate agent. In fact, many real estate investors started out as a real estate agent. Have you thought of that?  Should you get your real estate license?

It’s certainly something to consider. The most common reason to get a real estate license is saving on sales commissions. When you buy a property and list it with an agent, you’ll deduct anywhere from 5.00 to 6.00 percent in commissions. A real estate license will save you money right out of the gate, right? Not really.

Professional real estate agents are full time. They’re experts in marketing, staging, negotiating and of course the research an agent can provide. No, getting a real estate license really won’t benefit you if you’re not a full time agent. You’re an investor. But a real estate license will help you in your career.

It’s not exactly cheap and the real estate courses you must take can be lengthy, anywhere from 60 to 100 hours, so it’s not as if you can walk down to the licensing office, pay your money and get your license. When you get your license, you will have completed courses in contracts, negotiation, fair housing, marketing and real estate law. The information gathered during the course of your training will be invaluable.

You also get access to the multiple listing service that you don’t now have. This alone might be worth the cost of admission. Yes, you can save money on commissions and while that’s true it’s really not the true benefit; it’s the knowledge you acquire during the process. Let professional real estate agents sell for you while you manage your business.