It’s been a rather interesting winter so far, hasn’t it? Well, actually winter doesn’t officially kick off until the 21st of December but with all the cold weather recently, if this is what fall has to offer, can you imagine what a real winter will feel like? And depending upon your own geography, businesses ofreal estate deals in winter all stripes tend to slow down during the colder months, of course with the exception of retail and restaurants around the holidays.

So should you lay aside your investment real estate acquisitions until the snow melts and it’s safe to go outside without a topcoat?

Those in the colder winter regions will tell you that there is a definite slow period as the mercury drops. There’s not a lot of motivation to bundle up on the weekend and go visit a few open houses when the wind chill is minus -10 degrees and there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Yet the real estate investment business doesn’t slow down and it might be one of the best times to find property bargains.

Go ahead and do a quick search for the type of property you generally acquire. Say it’s nothing more than the standard three-bedroom single family home. You can do your own search or have your agent do a more in-depth search for you by pulling data from the local multiple listing service. Here, have the agent look for new listings, not homes that have been put up for sale for a few months. Why look for new listings when it’s freezing outside and the snow continues to fall? Because you’re looking at a motivated seller.

Typically, at least in the northern hemisphere, the time to list homes is in late winter and early spring and the home buying season begins to swing into gear. After all, if you’re a seller, you want to list your home when there are more buyers in the market, right? That’s in the spring. But when you see a new listing in the cold of winter, you might be seeing a property that must be sold and sold quickly. Sometimes the colder it is outside, the better deal you can make.