Saving money on do-it-yourself projects is a great way to cut down on expenses as long as you know what you’re doing, right? Another article pointed out simple repairs that you can do on your own to avoid calling a plumber or handyman. But property repairsthere are some things best left to the pros. What are some of those that you should contract out?

 Unless you’re a licensed electrician, anything to do with electricity needs to be done professionally. Changing a light bulb is one thing and even a ceiling fan might be easy enough for you but anything that involves electricity and your breaker box means a call to the electrician. It’s one thing when a kitchen light doesn’t work and another when a fire is started due to faulty wiring.

If your property has some trees, when it’s time for a trim, you may want to consider an arborist. There can be some low-hanging limbs that you can certainly take care of but improper trimming can hinder tree growth. A professional knows which limbs to cut back from your house while at the same time encouraging growth for a pleasant, energy-saving canopy.

Oh, and since we mentioned trees; don’t try and cut down a dying tree on your own, either. With a couple of clicks on the internet you can find video examples of all sorts of tree-felling disasters. The tree needs to fall in a certain manner and if your estimate is off even just a little bit, the tree could fall on your property, or worse, fall on you.

When shingle replacement or roof repair is in your plans, an experienced roofing contractor should handle that job. It’s nothing more than a safety issue and unless you’ve got a few hundred hours navigating the slopes of various roof types, you can seriously hurt yourself should you make one false move while way up on the rooftops.

There are some things that are easy to figure out and there are some things that are easy to figure out but can hurt you or your property when done improperly. You want to save as much as you can with your rentals, but you also want to keep out of the hospital or watch the fire trucks as they rumble toward your property.