Getting the most for your investment property means appealing to as wide a group of buyers as possible. The proper price range, location and affordability are all factors. And so are certain improvements to the property that you can make. But there are home improvementssome improvements that you might first think appealing when in fact you’ll attract fewer buyers.

Landscaping. Lots of it. Real estate agents and marketers of all stripes tell you that the number one thing you can do is to create a stunning curb appeal. When cars drive by, do they slow down to take a look? Is your property inviting and colorful? Is it too colorful? Having extensive landscaping with rich green lawns and a variety of colorful, vibrant plants are simply beautiful but to many it also looks like a lot of work. Not only is there a lawn to mow but unless you’re really into gardening then maintaining that appearance will be a chore.

Don’t have a swimming pool? Then keep it that way. Unless you’re in a development where each and every home boasts its own in-ground pool, it’s best to avoid a backyard pool. First, a swimming pool adds costs to an insurance policy. Why? Because swimming pool accidents are common and couples with children will shy away from a home with a pool for fear of a dreadful accident. Plus, swimming pools need constant maintenance year-round.

Finally, don’t try and out-do your neighbors. Don’t add an extra bedroom or add space that outpaces your neighbors. To try and appear to be the nicest home in the neighborhood is a good thing but if your sticker price reflects that amount, there will be fewer offers on your home. Ideally you should be the at the mid-to-upper tier in quality with a competitive price.

There’s really no way to make improvements that will appeal to everyone. But instead, make the improvements that will appeal to the most buyers as possible.