As a novice real estate investor, it’s possible that you let several deals pass by, only to watch them flourish in another investor’s portfolio. You did all your homework about the property, consulted with a real estate agent and put the numbers together. The math worked out and the property you almostpractice flipping real estate bought for $75,000 was just sold by someone else after rehabilitation for $160,000.

You figured you missed out on about $30,000. And that’s just one of several. But that’s a bit understandable, taking the leap and buying your first real estate investment is sometimes just that, a leap—a leap of faith.

Anything new provides you with a new suite of trepidations. Until you finally do what you’re supposed to do and fulfill the project it’s still all just theory. It’s much like an artist preparing for a performance by practicing the routine several times a day for weeks. Months even only to let the opportunity to present the talent to the public pass by with a bad case of stage fright.

You can avoid much of the apprehension with preparation. And in fact, you may even take advantage of someone else’s fortune without having to spend a dime. How so? Pick out one of the properties you had evaluated yet didn’t buy. Someone else did. So how did they do? In the first example, you did all the right things, did all the right research and checked and double checked your math but because of your hesitation someone else beat you to the punch. And they made the sort of money you had thought you would have made if you only made the offer when you had the opportunity.

But go ahead. Repeat that performance a few more times if you’d like. Get some authentic verification that you’re doing it right. You can evaluate a potential property and run your own calculations then watch someone else carry through on the project. If you find that your estimations were right about your theoretical purchase, then it’s time to take the plunge. You’re ready.