"Living Long But Not Prospering" Can be Avoided with Property Flipping:- Flexibility is one of the most appealing features of investing in the wide range of real estate deals that are available.

 Of these, flipping properties is particularly alluring as it can be structured to accomplish any of the desired financial goals for an investor,property flipping gold including producing more funds for retirement expenses. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article by Gabrielle Stern, that will be needed by many to meet the rising retirement living costs that await in the future.

In her Wall Street Journal piece, "Living Long But Not Prospering," Stern conducted interviews with Joshua Gotbaum, Director of Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp, and Dallas Salisbury, President and Chief Executive Officer of Employee Benefit Research Institute, both retirement experts.  Each detailed the shortcomings that many Americans have in investing so that all of their retirement expenses will be satisfied.  To meet those financial challenges for retirement, flipping properties can be an attractive solution.

The best way to profit from property flipping is as a passive investor with a long term approach.  While many think that flipping properties is a short term deal, there is no reason any deals cannot be created so that long term financial objectives are achieved.  That is particularly true for retirement financial planning.  In investing for retirement, the activities and assets should be as risk free as possible, which necessitates risk management.

Passive investing goes a long way to mitigating the risk of buying and selling real estate for a profit.  

As a form of risk management, a passive investor might only participate in deals for properties that can be rented.  That way, if the real estate does not sell, the rental income will cover the mortgage and other costs.  This will prevent the unit from becoming a cash drain, which should be avoided in retirement finances.  In addition, if an investment property comes fully rented out with suitable tenants, it will be much easier to sell.

To increase the net income from flipping properties for a passive investor, it can be done within a retirement account, such as an individual retirement account (IRA).  When an asset is held within a retirement account, there are no taxes.  If a property to be flipped generated rental income, than that investment income is tax free.  Should the property be flipped for a profit, there are no taxes on the gains.

Committing to a passive approach with long term goals can help an investor avoid the fate that many will unfortunately suffer of, "Living Long But Not Prospering."  

To prosper in retirement, there must be a great deal of financial planning that includes savvy investing. By passively investing in flipping properties with experts, gains will be registered from the experience and expertise of its team.  The sooner an investor begins to finance their retirement needs, the greater the holdings will be needed to provide the income.  As double digits profits are generally produced from flipping proprieties with the pros, that means the amount invested will double in about every six years.  There is no reason that investing in property flips cannot continue well into retirement