Flipping properties is best done in a real estate market with a bullish future.  That is clearly Chicago, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit, the global research arm of The Economist magazine.  In a recent research report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, Chicago is ranked the ninth-most competitive city in the world for the future.


That makes the Chicago probably the best city in the United States to flip properties for profit.

This results from only one other American city making it to the top ten: New York City.  That is not a market for real estate flipping as it is vertical, rather than horizontal.  Chicago sprawls while New York goes up, and up.  The prices in Chicago also make it more amenable to flipping properties for profit.  New York City is very expensive while Chicago is very attractively priced.

So what makes Chicago one of the top cities in the world for the future?

The Economist Intelligence Unit cited Chicago's improving government, health care, transportation infrastructure, quality of higher education, and global business climate.  The airports in the Chicago area and the ability to service international flights was specifically noted in the report.  This study marks yet another story highlighting the appeal of Chicago, "The Second City."  Other stories have been the cover article for Time magazine, the cover article for New York Times magazine, and prominent featuring in a series of articles in The Financial Times.  As detailed in a previous article on this site, Chicago is very popular with foreign investors, too.

Even though Chicago could be considered the best city in the country to flip properties, it is still wise to practice risk mitigation in real estate investing.  Passive investing is the best way to do manage risk. This puts the experience and expertise of seasoned professionals on your side.  Combined with the attractiveness of Chicago housing for the future, that is a very formidable combination.  For the individual, these two factors remove a great deal of the risk from transactions involving the flipping of properties.

There are other ways to practice risk management in flipping properties, too.  An obvious one would be to only flip properties, such as a small apartment building, that could be provide rental income to cover the expenses if it does not sell right away.  That prevents the real estate from being a burden on the cash flow of the investor.  Having renters in place will also make a property more attractive to a prospective buyer.

That ranking of Chicago by The Economist Intelligence Unit increases the appeal for flipping properties.  Passively investing with experts makes property flipping for profits in Chicago even more rewarding!