There are books about flipping and there are cable television shows that highlight buying and selling a property over a short period. You can attend seminars on real estate investing and find out how to make thousands of dollars simply byflipping is for the pros flipping a property.

Real estate values across the country plummeted beginning around 2008 then slowly recovered over the past 12-18 months, depending upon the area. And as property values rise, does flipping even matter anymore? Is flipping just a fad?

First, flipping works in any market, regardless of the economic conditions. While there are harder hit areas where individuals picked the “low hanging fruit” after a while the less experienced investor finds there are no more easy flips. The bubble has burst and values have stabilized. And the amateur must exit the industry.

But not the professional real estate investor. Flipping real estate is a process and not a bet. Buying and selling real estate for a quick profit has been in practice for decades, long before the term “flip” was ever used in real estate. And the professional real estate investors, while perhaps enjoying their newfound fame, really pay less attention to trends and more to their tried and true strategies of finding the right property, making a solid evaluation and selling the property for a profit.

While there can be low-hanging fruit for the property investor to acquire, many times such “easy pickings” are the victim of multiple offers, with each investor bidding up the property to the point where it’s no longer a profitable investment.

The professional real estate investor welcomes an obvious trend of rising prices as the novice investor is forced out of the flipping market, leaving only those who truly understand the market and how flipping truly works. There’s always an opportunity for a successful flip. And the pros know where to find them.