When you first decided to buy this property, there were a few things that definitely needed fixing before you could flip the unit. The property needed brand new cabinets and the appliances were dated and poorly functioning. The oven didn’t work at all. New flooring was put in and the chimney needed cleaning5 tips to boost value. Yet after all repairs were made and you spent quite a bit, they were worth it.

Now it’s time to squeeze out a little more value but this time on the cheap. Here are five things you can do yourself or with a little help to boost value.

Paint. Fresh paint not only brightens a room but it smells nice, too. Use a bright color to open up more space and provide a cheerful interior. If the outside looks like it needs some painting help, give the exterior a fresh coat as well.

Caulking. Clean, white caulk in the bathrooms and the kitchen will freshen up the areas and present a clean, newer feeling. Especially since you replaced the kitchen appliances.

Power Wash. Don’t just clean the house, power wash the decks, sidewalks and driveway. Over time, grease and stains will build up and while you may be used to the dingy gray color prospective buyers won’t. And if the house didn’t need an exterior paint job, power wash the house instead.

Curb Appeal. A sparkling exterior will be enhanced with a well-cared for lawn. Trim the shrubs, edge the lawn and keep it free from debris such as leaves and sticks. Avoid putting in fancy landscaping, while you might enjoy piddling around in the garden every weekend to others it looks like work.

Carpet. If you don’t want to install new wood floors or resurface the ones you have, brand new carpet will provide a good bang for your buck.

In addition to everything you’ve done to prepare your flip, these five tips will help push you over the top and get the amount you want in a shorter period of time. In fact, it’s a good idea to take these tips to the other properties you own when you’re ready to sell or lease.