There are times in real estate investing when you realize there is information that can lead to profits comes from articles on other subjects.  Such was the case with two recent pieces in The Wall Street Journal.double digit returns  One reported on the Chinese buying more Treasury Bonds, with the other detailing how German exporters were gearing up to sell more in the United States.  Both were very bullish for buying American real estate.

 Matt Zeng wrote an article, "China Keeps On Gobbling Up Treasury Securities" in The Wall Street Journal that reported that China now owned $1.316 of American federal government bonds.  That is a record high.  In May of this year, the Chinese bought $22.49 billion in Treasury bonds and notes.

China is obviously very bullish about investing American securities.

The same positive sentiment on the United States was detailed in another Wall Street Journal article by Brian Blackstone, "Germany Turns Eyes to U.S. Market."  In this, Blackstone detailed how German export companies are focusing more on the American market due to the weakness in China and Europe. 

German exporters are patently bullish on the economy in the United States being so strong that consumers will be buying more foreign merchandise.

Both are those fine Wall Street Journal articles, while seeming to have nothing to do with the real estate market in the United States, are actually very encouraging for real estate investing in America.  Each reveals that "big money" and "sophisticated investors" from abroad are increasing the amount of money spent to profit from the American economy.  If the US economy is so alluring, then it follows that the housing market will be strong, too.

How to profit from this valuable insight from two different reporters writing on two vastly different topics in The Wall Street Journal?

The wisest way and proven method is high yield real estate investing.  Passive investing in US real estate for the long term should yield the biggest gains, as it has in the past.  Even during The Great Recession, when the prices of stocks and bonds fell, the level of rental income in the United States rose.

To profit from real estate in the United States can take many forms.  These include foreclosures, flipping properties, small apartment buildings, and turnkey properties, among others.  For those who do not want to actually own real estate, investing in private mortgage notes are appealing.  Private mortgages are loans from an investor or a group to finance the purchase of real estate.

There is only one reason that Chinese and German investment is focused on the United States: it offers the best profit potential.  If that was not the case, there would no other reason for billions in capital to flow from China and Germany to a land half-way across the world. Passive investing in American real estate can profit from this show of confidence from abroad.