When individuals get the itch to explore the world of real estate investing, it’s typically the act of buying a property at below market value and selling for a profit that first comes to mind. After all, that’s what investing in real estate is all about, right? flipping holding and tax liensBuy low, sell high? That’s true, but there are other ways that individuals can take advantage of real estate opportunities besides flipping houses.

 Of course, don’t discount a flip. Today, that’s one of the most profitable ways to invest in real estate, as long as the investor has done the proper amount of homework. Unless the investor is an experienced real estate agent or contractor who has bought and rehabilitated homes over the years, it takes a particular level of expertise in several arenas before a successful flip can be accomplished.

The next way is to acquire and hold real estate for the long term, especially in today’s environment. Interest rates for real estate investors are still near historic lows and 15 year fixed rate investment property loans can still be found under 4.00 percent. And even though home prices are on the rebound, they’re still well below what they were before the real estate crash.

Real estate also offers the opportunity to invest in property tax liens or tax deeds. When property owners fall behind on their property taxes, the local county can recover those delinquent funds not from the property owner but from individual investors who pay the back tax on behalf of the property owner. In return, the investor can realize double digit returns in a relatively short period of time, anywhere from six months to two years, depending upon the location of the property. And, it’s secured by real estate.

Real estate investing allows an individual to invest as much or as little as desired and invested at the buyer’s discretion and not by following investment advice from stock trading pundits or reading candlestick charts. Flipping, holding and property taxes all present themselves as profitable opportunities for the novice and the pro alike.