Protecting your real estate investments means proper insurance coverage as well as keeping the property in good physical shape. And one of the best ways to keep the property protected is with solid roofing. The trend in recent years has been are metal roofs worth itthe introduction and adoption of a metal roof. They can certainly take more of a pounding compared to asphalt shingles but they’re also more expensive that traditional roofing but they last up to 50 years. Should you invest in a metal roof? Here are a few considerations.

If you’re flipping a property, don’t install a metal roof. You’ll never get the investment back and could overprice your unit. On the other hand, if you’re considering buying an investment property that currently has a metal roof, it might be something to take advantage of; the seller will be the one taking the economic hit. Even if you’re buying the property and keeping it for just a few years, perhaps a metal roof isn’t in your future. But if you’re buying and holding, a metal roof might be a good investment.

Depending upon the style and material of the metal roof, you could pay around $30,000 for a metal roof including materials and labor. A shingled roof may cost you about a third of that amount for the same square footage but might need replacing in 10 years, especially if the property is located in areas that expect to be worn down with rough winters, hard rains and more hail.

On the other hand, when asphalt or composition shingles fail due to wind or other hazard, an individual shingle may be all that’s needed for the repair. Metal roofs come in drawn lengths and if damaged must be replaced completely with a new sheet of metal. Repairs for metal roofs are rare, but when they occur there’s more out of your bank account.