One of the key ingredients ensuring long term success investing in real estate is to constantly keep marketing. There are beginner steps when marketing your real estate investment business such as a website, business cards and attending networking and real estate investor meetings yet marketing ismarket your database something that should always be on the investor’s “Things to Do” list.

Everyone in your circle should have it imprinted in their brains that you invest in real estate. This keeps the referrals coming. You should also keep another list reserved for your investors when you need financing to fund a project or finance a quick flip and market to them, also. Always, always, always be on the lookout for new deals and new investors. You can never have enough.

But you should also regularly market to those currently in your database. Any business that involves selling a product or a service will tell you it’s much less expensive to cultivate your current database than it is to acquire a brand new referral partner. Someone that is already pleased with your performance will be open to listen to your next proposal. No skepticism needed, you’ve already proven your worth to current clients.

Keep in touch with your database on a regular basis. There is no shortage of “marketing on a shoestring” books that provide bona-fide ways to market to your database including email marketing, post cards and especially the occasional phone call. You don’t really need to say anything spectacular in your messages because the impact is simply bringing you to the front of their focus however temporary. Soon, you will become a standard brand so make sure you let them know how much you value them. Don’t discount your database, it’s your most important asset.