There are many reasons individuals get into real estate investing. Sometimes it’s purely by accident, something completely unplanned. This happens when a property is inherited and suddenly someone’s a landlord. Real estate investors are born investing in real estatesimply from being around it a lot. Real estate agents who are constantly helping clients buy and sell real estate at some point ask themselves, “This is a good deal, I wonder if I should be the one buying this property instead of finding another buyer?”

Some real estate investors start out because someone needs a helping hand and profit isn’t the prime motivator. Yet, anyway. For instance, a recent graduate gets a job but doesn’t have any money for a down payment and closing costs, even though buying is cheaper than renting. What to do? Maybe mom and dad will help. Or grandma and grandpa with a gift for a down payment or helping someone to qualify as a co-signer. Family helping family is a good thing.

People who find themselves in a terrible financial situation and are having trouble paying the mortgage need help. A loss of job, an extended illness or worse can always put someone in a position financial they never though they’d be in.  A real estate investor can help that person avoid foreclosure and buy the property at a competitive price while also helping that individual’s credit from taking a serious, long term nosedive.

It really is an altruistic industry. Of course there are profits to be made, there has to be or an individual won’t be an investor for very long. Even if the furthest thing from a real estate investor’s mind is helping someone out of a jam, it’s still the case. When someone is in danger of losing their home along with all the equity that goes with it will think you’re a lifesaver. Yes, you made a profitable investment, but you also invested in a stranger’s well-being.