Looking for some contractors to help you with your next project? Maybe you’ve got your eye set on a major remodel or maybe you’re even thinking of building a brand new rental property. Either way, you’ll need some professional help. Plumbers, roofers and carpenters will only be part of the tradesfinding good contractors you’ll need at some stage of the project.

What do experienced real estate investors do when a new professional is needed? You want quality and you want experience but you also have to keep an eye on your costs involved.

Be wary of anyone who quotes a labor price well below what others charge. It may be that the contractor hasn’t gotten very much work as of late because previous jobs didn’t turn out too well. In areas where there is a lot of real estate activity, a contractor without much work to do is a sign that something’s wrong. You may even be tempted to hire the contractor because the price is so low only to find out later you had to hire someone else to fix the problems the cheap contractor made.

You can ask your friends and neighbors but two reliable sources are real estate agents and your building materials store. A real estate agent is constantly solicited by contractors. They know that when people buy houses one of the first things they do is begin a remodel. Agents provide a steady source of business for these contractors and as long as they keep doing good work they’ll get more referrals. Agents have a reputation to keep and so does the contractor and one foul referral can be a black mark on both.

Visit the local building materials mega-store and speak with the department managers there. Good contractors have steady work and that means constant trips to the lumber yard. At the same time, contractors like to give department managers and store hands their contact information when a home owner comes in looking for help for a project.