Investing in real estate has grown in popularity over the recent years with various theories on why real estate has become a past time turned profession for many investors. There are various factors but primarily the wave is due to the number of being a landlordforeclosures that hit the market, historic interest rates and home prices.

All three are significant factors and rarely do they all come together at the same time. Yet many of these first time investors could use a few tips when buying and finding tenants for the very first time.

The first and foremost advice is to find the best tenants you possibly can. How do you do that? The first way is to market your property in both a straightforward as well as an attractive advertisement. You might want to confer with a real estate agent on how to complete this task but you want to show the property in its best and current light. Don’t whitewash the unit but provide as much detailed description and photos as possible. This way you’ll your prospects will “prequalify” themselves on their own by responding to an accurate ad.

Good tenants pay on time and are stable. Paying on time means getting a background check and a credit report of all who will be occupying the property. There are several online resources for individuals to get a copy of their credit report but don’t accept a credit report provided by a prospective tenant. There are too many good software programs on the market today that can alter a credit report to fool even the best of eyes. Take advantage of credit reports and background checks available for property owners online.

Stability applies to both employment and previous addresses. Someone that can’t hold a job for longer than three to six months at a time might find they're unable to make the rent. Tenants with a longer term employment and rental history know the important of commitment.

A successful rental starts with good tenants. Once you find them, you’ll realize that managing rental properties isn’t that hard after all. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to make money you’ve ever found.