Doing something for the very first time will always command a bit of trepidation to some degree. From learning to ride a bike to sky diving, it’s the first time when something is attempted that there will be some apprehension, regardless of the preparation before the move.

Successful real estategetting past the first one investors know full well the “first time” feeling and today can laugh at themselves about how anxious they were before they signed their first set of closing papers. You can also find those same real estate investors with several real estate investments in their portfolios after getting rid of the real estate butterflies. So how do you know that you’re ready to build or buy your first real estate investment and how can you get rid of the nervous feeling?

You know that you’re ready if you’ve taken all the steps necessary to get your finances in order. Real estate is a secured investment but not very liquid. Even a quick flip takes a complete sale before any cash is deposited in the bank account. Properly reviewing your financials making sure your lifestyle won’t be affected nor your cash depleted to scary amounts. If you’ve done it right, you’ve allotted a specific amount of funds to be used for real estate.

You’re also ready if you’ve surrounded yourself with professionals in the business who have been doing what you’ve been doing full time. Real estate agents, attorneys and loan officers can all contribute to your success while profiting from your activities at the same time. Truly a win-win scenario. If your financials are in order and you’re part of a seasoned, confident team then it’s time to pull the switch and make your first investment.

And what about the butterflies in your stomach? If you have them, there’s not a lot you can do except take the next step and attend your first closing. Prepare as much as you can, but understand that it’s normal to be a little anxious the first time around.