Where are you today in your real estate investment career? Are you just starting out? Just bought your first project or do you have several properties in your portfolio? If you’re a seasoned investor with investing in real estate with a bird dogplenty of performing real estate then you’re also looking at multiple deals at the same time. But you can’t evaluate a potential property unless they’re first presented to you, right? So how do you find those deals? One way is with a bird dog.

 A bird dog is a private individual who constantly “sniffs out” potential real estate properties for you. Instead of you searching the web, looking at public records or attending networking events, a bird dog will put a project right on your desk for you to review.

A bird dog is not a real estate agent in the classic sense. A bird dog won’t act as a buyer’s agent and get a commission when the individual finds a buyer for one of your properties. A bird dog won’t list your home for sale or hold open houses. No, all a bird dog does is search.

An experienced bird dog has a database of real estate investors that regularly evaluate real estate deals brought to them by the bird dog. A bird dog knows which investors like certain types of property. Some investors might like downtown condominiums while others prefer single family homes in the suburbs. Price ranges are also a preference and a bird dog knows when and where to present a higher end investment versus a starter home.

Bird dogs can be paid in different ways but primarily they’re paid a fixed amount for each deal brought in or they can be compensated as a percentage of the sales price or the investor’s profit. There’s really no restriction on how a bird dog can be paid as long as the bird dog complies with all licensing requirements.

That’s why many investors like to work with bird dogs. Finding potential deals is time consuming and paying a bird dog to bring a project is much more profitable compared to the time and expense needed finding prospective real estate investments.