When wondering how much or how little to upgrade a real estate investment, or any home for that matter, it makes sense to pay attention to the cost of the upgrade and the ultimate benefit. Sure, a top-of-the-line metal roof might look attractive and will most likely last for the life of the home but therecost recovery for upgrades are other less expensive roof options that shield from the elements as well.

The cost of a metal roof will never be recovered. But there are some improvements you can make that will not only very nearly pay for themselves but can increase the overall value of the home.

According to a recent article by Remodeling Magazine, some improvements do indeed provide more “bang for the buck.” The recently released 2014 Cost vs. Value study shows that these improvements provide the greatest return.

The first and perhaps least expensive of the upgrade options is the installation of a quality steel fron door. The cost to replace the door might be around $1,000 but the addition to curb appeal as well as personal safety make for a 96.6% return on investment, according to the article.

If there is room, the addition of a wooden deck which averages around $9,500 provides not only an area for pleasant outdoor entertaining but 87.4% of the cost is recovered once the property is sold. The article also points out that converting attic space into an additional bedroom is a good value as well with an 84.3% cost recovery followed closely behind with a minor kitchen upgrade at 82.7%.

Your upgrade options also need to consider surrounding properties and the amenities offered therein. If most homes have granite countertops and you don’t, your home will be compared to homes with an updated kitchen. If there is damage to the property then you’ll have to make some repairs but if you’re deciding what needs to be upgraded and when, this article makes a great starting point.