There are real estate investors who buy property in order to accumulate wealth over time. Others buy investment property for the monthly cash flow and of course investors buy real estate for both reasons. At some point, investors do have enough properties to comfortably retire from the world of thereal estate clubs “employed” and enjoy passive income as well as a life of leisure. Or that was the plan, anyway.

Real estate investors who are currently employed with the goal of quitting the “9 to 5” routine can ultimately reach that goal. No more hitting the snooze button, attending weekly meeting or finishing out those monthly reports. Once investors reach that stage, the “I quit” letter is printed out, signed and delivered. Investors can achieve that goal of being one’s own boss and real estate is an ideal method. Many find out however that being retired isn’t all that it was imagined. No weekly trips to the Caribbean and fly fishing in the mountains isn’t as routine as retirement dreams create. Sometimes it can get flat out boring. If this might be you or you want to make sure this won’t ever be you, join a club.

What kind of club? How about a club of like-minded industry professionals who meet once per week or maybe once per month and share real estate information in a casual, business setting. Usually held over lunch, real estate investment clubs meet for a bit of chatter, lunch is served and an industry speaker is invited to attend. Once the meeting is over, another round of networking is in order. You can find real estate investment clubs in almost any city and not only are they a way to get you out from behind your makeshift home office once a month you’ll make some new friends as well as make more money.