One of the primary reasons all successful real estate investors get that way is to build a group of professionals around you. From a contractor to a real estate attorney, it’s essential to get advice from those who specialize in areas of real estatehire what you need that you can access as needed.

And depending upon your own point of view and areas of expertise, one professional might be worth more to you than another. Maybe you rely on your real estate attorney to handle your property trust more than your insurance agent. But while some professions may be more important to you than others, all provide valuable services to ensure your success. It depends upon your own assessment of value, not what someone else can advise.

For example, many real estate investors got that way because they started their careers in real estate as an agent. The investor took the real estate classes needed to obtain the license then went to work with a real estate office. After a time, the individual gets a firm grip on what is and what is not a good deal as an investment. For a while, the new agent presents an individual with an investment opportunity that if acquired could result in a return of $30,000 to the investor once the property was repaired then sold.

At some point, the agent begins to wonder, “Why don’t I buy the next property instead of handing it off to someone else so they can profit from it?” And so it begins. The agent soon begins to look for real estate investment opportunities for personal profit instead of handing off the opportunity to others.

These investors with a real estate background then rely on others to help them with their goals from financing to contracting, other professionals will be there to assist along the way.

Other investors start out as general contractors and make money by rehabilitating real estate for real estate investors then at some point decide to quit leaving money on the table and be the person that ultimately profits from the flip and relies on a real estate agent to sell the home.

So who are the most important players on your team? They’re the ones that fill the professional void that you don’t have. You don’t need to be a real estate agent or a contractor, but you do need to know one.