Real estate investors should always be on the lookout for the next potential deal, regardless of the source. Individual investors can tend to concentrate in a particular area and specialize in certain types of properties and while that can help an investor more quickly evaluate a property’s potential thebe on the lookout for the next deal investor should never discount any type of investment at face value.

Over the past few years, with the wave of foreclosures across the country, investment opportunities came fast and furious in certain areas. Distressed real estate meant finding a pending foreclosure and either making an offer to the seller or negotiating with the bank in the case of an REO possibility.

Yet markets eventually change and real estate investors who have been in the industry for 20 years or so will attest to that. All too often a frenzy hits and everyone suddenly decides to become a real estate investor and make millions just like those people on cable T.V. shows. “Buy low, sell high” seems simple enough and while there was plenty of low-hanging fruit for all types of properties that were in some stage of foreclosure in many areas the tide has turned. So what does the real estate investor do to continue buying, selling and holding real estate investments?

Change the focus. Don’t look for deals exclusively in the same places you once did. Sure, don’t stop sourcing out foreclosure notices and keep going to the Sheriff’s auction but find other opportunities using other methods. What other methods? Contact your agent and rekindle that fire. Find a good bird dog. Get your team together and brainstorm about how and where your next focus needs to be. Successful investors know how to adapt in each market so you must do the same. There are still millions to be made, just alter your strategy and sail in the direction the new winds are blowing.