Finding a bargain is your craft, right? That’s how you make the money you make. You have the ability to identify a possible deal, quickly evaluate it then determine whether or not you can turn a tidy profit. It’s what you and your team do every day.

But don’t keep your deal-hunting to properties alone, bargain huntinguse your discounting prowess to find other ways to save money on your next transaction. Where else can you apply your expert money-saving skills? How about for home improvements and appliances?

Depending upon the number and type of units you acquire annually, there are a few ways you save. Are you buying several units and remodeling several at once? Then it’s time to use the “quantity discount” ploy. Go to any major hardware retailer and pick out the appliance you’re looking for. Say an electric range. But in your instance, you have nine units to furnish. Speak with the department manager and ask for the best discount for nine units and also mention any rebates that you may not be aware of. You’ll get a quantity discount but you may also get additional credits that can be used for other purchases in the store.

Appliance stores also have their own “scratch and dent” section, either online or on display. Many of these items aren’t really scratch and dent at all but merely returned by the original purchaser who did nothing more than have a change of heart. So-called open-box items will have a discount and you can inspect the items on-site and still receive a full warranty.

And even if you don’t need nine electric ranges today? What if you see a really, really good deal? You can spot a good deal if you regularly price items while visiting the hardware store. Sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up. If you don’t need an electric range right now but see a need six months from now, could you save $300 if you bought the appliance today?

Be on the lookout. Know what things cost by being a regular at your hardware store and make friends with department managers who can give you a heads-up when a sale or model clearance is on the horizon. As an investor, you realize full well how every little bit adds up to more profits. Take advantage of your talents.