It’s a bit cliché to pronounce that the internet has changed everything. But of course it has from how we read books to looking up the correct spelling of a word. Anything that can be bought or sold is on the internet speeding up transactions while providing consumers with information that can helpautomation them make a buying decision. And real estate is no stranger to advances in technology.

 For example, in the not too distant past financing for real estate investors meant filling out a host of loan request papers, documenting the file and providing the bank with everything except your favorite relative. It would take weeks to get an approval. Yet today it’s far different. Today, an investor can apply for financing online and hit the “submit” button. The lender then downloads the application, checks it for errors then submits the file to an automated underwriting system for an approval. The approval takes seconds rather than weeks. The investor is notified of what is needed to complete the file and the funds are transmitted to the settlement agent.

Searching for properties is a cinch, too. Today, investors can log onto any real estate agent website, input their own custom parameters and watch as their preferred investments populate the screen. You can even sign up to receive automatic updates when properties that meet your criteria are uploaded into the multiple listing service. No longer do you need to wait for the Sunday paper.

Yet what doesn’t need to be faster is your decision making. Whether you’re in a super-hot market or not, just because everything else can be done in a matter of moments you shouldn’t feel rushed to decide if an investment is a good deal or not. Let everything that’s ancillary to your investment run along at warp speed, but be deliberate about your investments. Take your time to make sure your next real estate investment is right for you.