EquityBuild - When the high temperature for the day can be found in the single digits, you won’t exactly witness a wave of potential buyers walking up a snow-shoveled sidewalk to look at an open house. Especially in the northern climes. . Think Chicago right now compared to Houston. The winter weather keeps higher commission splits mean more showingsmany at home at night and on the weekends, bundled up in front of a fire and not house hunting.

If you’re trying to sell a property over the winter months and are looking for more traffic, what are you doing to drive more prospects to your place? Reducing the price? That might be a consideration but one you need to discuss with your real estate agent. If you reduce the price now by a few thousand, would you make it up if you waited until spring is here? Pay for the buyer’s closing costs? That’s a similar strategy compared to reducing the price—the net to you is still relatively the same.

Have you thought of paying your agent more, not less of a commission? What is a common commission rate in your area, 5.00 percent? 6.00? An agent representing the buyer will typically split whatever commission you’re paying with the listing broker. But what if you decided to pay more than what most are charging? Why not pay a commission of 7.00 percent? 7.50?

Do you think that an agent who sees a property with a higher commission split compared to others in the neighborhood will encourage their clients to at least come and take a look at your place? You need more eyeballs looking at your listing and you can do that by paying more. In fact, you may be able to hold firm on your original list price, pay a higher commission and still come out ahead compared to lowering your sales price or other seller concessions. It’s something to consider. Money always talks.