A professional real estate investor who has successfully closed on multiple projects has over the years developed an internal system that evaluates potential investments. Such investors also have a veteran team that investing in real estateassists them through all phases of the acquisition including research, cost estimates, selling time and list price among a host of other factors.

Properly honed, a system can ultimately be “error-proof” as long as tried and true methods are followed. That is unless emotion gets in the way.

It’s impossible sometimes to ignore, but as you’ve driven through any neighborhood with your partner have you ever heard, “Oh my, look at that cute house! It’s for sale, too! And look at that lovely fence!” Sure you have in some form or another. But to a professional real estate investor, such claims can cloud the picture.

Evaluating a real estate investment should be nothing short of a series of cool, calculated decisions. Objective evaluation is critical and when emotions get in the way, some of that objectivity goes out the window. You want to make a fair offer on a property but you also want to get it for the lowest price you can. If you begin to hear yourself say, “I just LOVE this place!” you might want to take a few steps back and reevaluate your situation.

Sure, you can love it all you want but if the numbers don’t work you’ll soon found out your real estate “crush” cost some valuable time as well as money.

As a real estate investor, you can buy whatever you want. There’s always another deal somewhere. If you let your emotions get the best of you and you pay too much than you should have or you temporarily discounted the amount of repairs needed, you’ll soon regret it. Real estate investing should be a calculation. The numbers should work and if they don’t, walk. There’s nothing wrong with breaking up with a potentially bad relationship. Don't invest with jaded eyes.