Real estate investors with years of experience and millions of dollars’ worth of real estate in their portfolios know the practice inside and out. They’ve learned the legal aspects of a transaction, buying and selling skills and how to quickly evaluate a potential transaction. Yet every real estate investoryou're the boss in real estate investing starts with the first property and there are a few lessons to be learned.

Real estate involves multiple trades each with its own purpose and everyone involved gets paid each time you buy or sell a piece of property. If you’re new to the business there’s something very important to learn right at the gate—you’re the boss.

If you’ve never purchased an investor property before, think back to the time when you bought your first house. You were obviously a bit nervous about the prospect and soon found that you were surrounded by real estate agents, loan officers and insurance agents. Those professions, and many others, make money when real estate changes hands. It’s how they pay their bills and save for retirement. A good real estate agent may be involved in several transactions each and every month. Top loan officers at banks routinely book about $5 to $10 million per month in mortgage loans.

All too often these professionals get too caught up in their work and do routinely what you may do just a few times in your career, buy and finance a home or sell one. Beginners can be easily intimidated by language they’re not used to and terminology restricted to the real estate and finance professions. But just remember that it’s you who will be buying and selling the home, not them. You’ll be the one taking the risk and making the monthly payments, not them. They’ll go back to their files and start working on yet another transaction. If at any time you feel confused or anxious, it’s time to take a step back and tell everyone to just relax. Make sure you understand absolutely everything about your transaction. Get clear on all details. If something is a little muddy, slow down and make it clear. No one gets paid until you close your deal. Don’t forget—you’re the boss.