Are you seriously thinking about creating your own wealth and starting a brand new career investing in real estate? You’re certainly not alone. The way property values have fallen then stabilizing while interest rates are still near historic lows, do you want to be a real estate investoryou’re not the only one wondering if real estate is the right path.

But like any other venture, there are plenty of thinkers but very few “do-ers.” Are you ready to become a successful real estate investor? Ask yourself a few questions, think about them then after a few days, write down your answers. No quick response here, but give it some serious thought.

Why do you want to invest in real estate? There are so many answers to that question as there are those who ask it but every answer is indeed personal. Getting into the industry can be a gradual adjustment, you certainly don’t want to quit your day job tomorrow without knowing your true motivations for changing careers. Do you want to create your own future? Do you want to make a certain amount of money? Are you planning on creating an estate for your heirs? Retirement? Think about the “why” before you go too much further.

How will you get where you’re going? This means creating a clear road map to success. It’s goal-setting that will provide you with a self-check system to chart your progress. How much do you want to make in your first year and how will you achieve that number?

Who will help you along the way? This isn’t the type of business where flying solo is recommended. You want to surround yourself with professionals in the industry including professional real estate agents, contractors and property inspectors. How will you find those people and how long will it take to assemble your team?

Write these three questions down on a piece of paper, think about them for a few days and make occasional notes. At the end of your reflection period, put your pencil to the paper and write down your honest, well thought out answers. When you’re finished, you’ll know in your heart if real estate investing is indeed in your future.