Investing in real estate over the past few years has proven to be very lucrative for the professional investor. Thanks in most part to massive foreclosures that swept most of the country and still continuing well into 2014 in several areas, buying at the bottom and selling on the way up is standardreal estate investing fare for the full time investor. Finding foreclosures and other distressed properties has been the proven strategy for years and years and the method still works.

Yet there are other ways to invest in real estate other than foreclosures and one of those ways is to build a new single family home in an area with strong growth potential. Exactly how those areas are identified is part of the professional real estate investor’s knowledge base but in certain cities across the country. Newly constructed housing for long term hold and flipping as well can provide some rather respectable profits. Profits that are made within a relatively short period of time, say anywhere from six to twelve months—just long enough to build the new property and sell it.

In metropolitan areas where there has been a steady influx of newcomers, driven by the prospects of a new job and higher wages, there can be pockets located in urban areas that were once considered on the high end of real estate but over the decades had turned into a shadow of its former glory. A run-down part near downtown that could use a facelift.

These are the areas that can provide significant returns for the real estate investor. Living near the urban areas where companies are headquartered and workers by the thousands commute each day doesn’t have to mean living in a high-rise condo in the middle of downtown. Instead, developers are turning those blighted areas into shiny, upscale residences that will attract the higher end client as well as building attractive multifamily properties commanding higher rents. It is in this fashion that real estate investors who participate in this market are indeed helping to rebuild America while at the same time providing healthy returns to their investors.