Sometimes making the right offer doesn’t always mean offering the highest price. A seller can entertain multiple offers on a property and has the option of accepting, countering or rejecting. For example, a cash buyer will typically have the upperclose investment real estate quickly hand compared to someone who will be financing the purchase and could negotiate a lower price and close within days.

That’s attractive to a seller; there are no lending hurdles the buyers have to jump over. But if you don’t have a cash offer, what can you do to sweeten your deal without upping your bid?

How about a quick close? You may not have a cash offer, but closing quickly will always bolster your bid. What can you do to ensure a quick closing? Have your loan application approved, documented and waiting for a sales contract at your bank.

There are a few things that all buyers and sellers must wait for, even if a cash offer is present. Buyers want to see a title report and a property inspection will be made. This can take a week or so to gather third party documentation so you have at least one week's head start.

But don’t just have your loan application documented, make sure your loan officer has run your application through an automated underwriting system that provides a punch list of all the things you need to provide before loan documents will be printed. And that means everything. Tax returns, pay check stubs, updated bank statements—keep them all current. All you need is a property address and you’re off to the races.

Once a sales contract is signed, make sure your lender orders the appraisal the same day the contract is signed and ask for a “rush.” Most such requests are honored and while some appraisers may charge a bit extra for a rush order, if there is a few it’s a marginal one. Your goal is to have the appraisal in your lender’s hands the same time the title report and home inspection are completed.

Once the file is ready for the underwriter, you’re typically only five days away from signing your papers. You’ve just closed your contract in 10 business days.