When you first begin to have your architect draw up your plans, you are literally starting with a clean palette. You can design to the audience of buyers you want to attract and cater to the latest new home buyer trends in the market today.

Knowing in advance what new features buyers want most 2014 building trendswill help you design your home for the quickest sale and highest profit margins. Building a brand new investment property requires much forethought and planning, so every bit of new advice is always welcomed. What are some of the new building trends that buyers are looking for in 2014?

One trend that is not as much new as it is a stalwart in any builder’s plan is an open floor plan. Large spaces with fewer walls and high ceilings provide more opportunities to customize these large spaces. Adding furniture can divide space while removing it and other decorative pieces makes the room larger. Large floor plans provide flexibility.

A new trend today is really an acknowledgement that people just don’t take baths like they used to. They take showers, especially in the master bath. While a vintage tub might make an attractive feature, most will spend more on a larger shower area with higher end shower heads with lots of space. And speaking of space, you can really upgrade the master bath with the installation of a television set or seating area. Such accoutrements are typically reserved for the master because after all if there are any young ones they’ll take to the bath more than the shower.

Technology changes everything and heating and air systems can be controlled today using an iPad or other smart device, both in home and away from home. And security systems are also falling in price and make for a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

One final lux amenity? More and more higher end new homes install an outdoor kitchen replete with outdoor appliances and an entertaining area. That along with strategically placed lighting in the back yard and even in the swimming pool makes for the perfect spot to mingle with the neighbors.

These and other features are really relatively inexpensive, especially considering the impact they have on the home’s attractiveness. Before you design your next home that appears to be a copy of a previous one, take some time out and get creative.